made to order – a British story

‘pay now’  is the start of an amazing adventure....

The beginning.

A beautiful Birch tree grows (and boy, does Birch grow fast) in an FSC approved timber forest. The Birch is felled and commences its journey to being a throne...

  • The Birch is barked (the bark is removed and turned into paper and card – like what is used to package your order).
  • Like good wine you need a corkscrew to enjoy Birch. The Birch is ‘corkscrewed’ (layers of unique timber are painstakingly removed whilst turning).
  • The timber is ‘woven’ (a cross hatching) creating strong, beautiful, wood.

The middle.

Noah built the ark, the story goes, and power tools/screws/bolts were definitely not involved. On this simplicity your chair is built…

  • Knowledge of precision engineering has allowed me to develop my design registered and patented furniture structures. I hand craft orthogonal joints (Noah would call it a peg and hole).
  • Again, by hand, I smooth the wood and perfect the grain.
  • Beeswax, from our friendly pollinators, is then 'massaged' (Birch is a demanding wood!) into the grain to highlight its natural patterns. The beeswax also seals and protects the Birch making it ready for quality control.


  • Far, far north, on the Isle of Harris, a lamb is receiving its first hair cut.
  • The wool is washed, spun and dyed using natural methods.
  • The wool is woven, under strictly regulated traditional conditions into luxury Harris Tweed. With the help of a few lovely ducks giving their feathers, I make your cushions.

The end.

  • I package your order using recycled and waste product cardboard (remember the bark?) and email you a copy of my quality control recording.
  • Our friendly courier couriers your order to your door.
  • You sit on your throne surrounded by your treasured collection knowing a tree has been planted, offsetting the carbon footprint and replacing forestry stock so that this beautiful story can start again.