Customise and order your coffee booktable below from £595

It’s so unique, I can’t wait to show it off in my home!
— Helen Dempsey, Solicitor

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customise and place your order in three easy steps...

step one

Customise your coffee booktable by first deciding whether you would like a perspex glass or wooden table top.

Perspex is included as standard at £595. Perspex is child friendly as it's hard to break. It has the same transparency as glass and is light. Coasters are recommended to prevent scratching.

Toughened glass can be ordered instead of Perspex for a £100 upgrade. Toughened glass is heavier and harder than Perspex.

A wooden table top means the coffee booktable can double as a bench. This option is available for £595.

step two

Next, decide the beeswax finish your coffee booktable will have:

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The wood's golden hues are accentuated with a Tudor Oak beeswax finish.

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The wood's natural variations are highlighted with a Natural Birch beeswax finish.

step three

Finally, place your order, and work will begin straight away:

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Wood Finish; coffee booktable colour and finish
Free Delivery - Mainland UK (within 4 weeks)
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